Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificates


There are numerous software objects distributed across the net such as Active-X controls, Java applets, dynamic link libraries, .cab files, .jar files, etc. to facilitate various applications. These objects are downloaded from the net and installed onto client browsers/applications to enable them in performing various operations.

As there are many viruses and other mal-programs distributed across the net, users are reluctant to download objects from the net unless they are confident about the source. Hence it is of utmost importance to protect your software objects using our Code Signing Certificates.

Digitally signing a code using key associated with our Code Signing Certificate guarantees the following to the users:

Assurance of the publisher

It assures users that the software object comes really from the publisher who signed it. It provides the desired level of comfort to users to trust and download the software object.

Assurance of the content

It assures users that the software object has not been altered/replaced/corrupted. It provides the desired level of comfort for users to install and run the software objects without worrying about viruses and malicious code.

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