Train Internet Solution Modular X Series


wifi4india train shortThe Modular X Series system is low-cost, completely scalable, and dynamically reconfigures to any train configuration.

Every Internet provisioned carriage is equipped with the same set of compact equipment. There is no need for a “main rack” or “brain car”. In the Modular X Series system, all carriages are equipped with indoor Wi-Fi and outdoor Wi-Fi cellular antennas, so any carriage can act as a self-contained internet on board system.

In addition, when multiple carriages equipped with the Modular X Series system are operated together in a single configuration, the Modular X Series nodes dynamically form a self-configured mesh network in which Internet traffic from any carriage can be transported over the external links from that carriage, or from any other carriage. In this way a total train system derives the advantages of bonding many cellular links, antenna diversity and automatic load balancing.


In a basic “Modular X Series system, every internet carriage is equipped with:

  • 1 Modular X Series Control Unit (“MCU”)
  • 1 Wi-Fi Access Point (“AP”)
  • 1 Indoor Antenna (“!A”)
  • 1 Outdoor Mesh Antenna (“OMA”)
  • 1 Outdoor Cellular Antenna (“OCA”)

Further Access Points and Indoor Antennas can be added to provide better in carriage Wi-Fi coverage. Additional Access Points can network with the MCU via in carriage Ethernet cabling or via an additional OMA.

The Wifi4india Net Modular X Series Control Unit includes:

  • Motherboard running Linux and Wifi4india Net software components for Mobile Access Router; Access Control Gateway; Load Balancing, Qos and Traffic Shaping: Remote Management
  • Cellular Modems (typically 2, maximum 4)
  • GPS geo-location

The Modular X Series Access Point and Indoor and Outdoor Antennas are standard industrial Wi-Fi equipment chosen for their suitability to the railway environment, adherence to all relevant standards, and excellent in-service performance and reliability. The Modular X Series Outdoor Mesh Antenna is a 5GHz directional antenna tailored for creating a robust wireless mesh network using a proprietary extension of 802.11a Wi-Fi. The Modular X Series Outdoor Cellular Antenna is a multi-band antenna that combines the signals for GPS and multiple cellular data modems.

Modular X Series System Architecture

All carriages are equipped with Modular X Series are equal peers able to communicate with one another via the Inter-Carriage Mesh Network, and with the Internet via Cellular Data Cards located in any Modular X Series node.

  • No single point of failure: failure of any one node will not affect performance of Internet in the rest of the train. Failure of a cellular card will not affect Wi-Fi in that carriage as traffic can be routed via neighboring carriages.
  • Scalable and affordable: equip as many or as few carriages as required. Each Modular X Series node can be equipped with 1 - 4 data cards.
  • Self configures to any train consist: each carriage can immediately offer Wi-Fi as soon as equipped with the Modular X Series Internet on Board system.
  • Easy to deploy: as soon as a train leaves the depot the Modular X Series nodes form an inter-carriage mesh network using the rooftop OMAs communicating via 5.8GHz 802.11a Wi-Fi.
  • Single Wi-Fi network inside the train: via the inter-carriage mesh the Modular X Series system creates a single in-carriage wireless network throughout the train. A single public access SSID allows passengers to roam between carriages.
  • Staff network: train staff can access a separate VLAN with different access rights (e.g. prioritized traffic, access to corporate intranet)
  • Per carriage GPS: Every carriage has its own GPS. Modular X Series nodes continuously report their geo-location so that the whereabouts, and running order of carriages in each train consist, is always known.