Dear Internet Service Providers,

Our server having IBL/DBL policy in force so if our servers detect any SPAM or Dictionary attack from any network then our automation system blocks the IP address or whole CIDR range involved in attack.

Please note that we have our own policy enforcement in our data centres so before contacting our support you are required to first fix the problem in your network.

Notes to service providers.

We respect all business’s and service providers but user privacy also important to us so please follow the below steps for smooth delivery of emails to our customers.

  • Always uses two different email domains for your email to customers like example.com for important mail communication and mailer.example.com for newsletters or bulk emails.
  • SPF records for both domains separate for main domain name that is example.com and separate for mailer.example.com so that if in case some IP’s are blacklisted due to some problem still your customers can receive the emails from main domain.
  • If possible, use your own IP’s instead of existing service providers as most of their IP’s are in CIDR format if any range is blocked in system then all emails will be bounced.
  • Always send email to customers with their permissions if customers mark the same email spam 5 time then the IP address or CIDR or domain will be blocked.
  • Always embedded unsubscribe link in your newsletters so that customer have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

All Email should be RFC compliant & Please dont use fake and masking emails.

  • Never use fake email ids of any service providers like gmail.com, yahoo.com, google.com, aol.com, hotmail.com or any other domain which you dont own.
  • All emails should have proper subject otherwise it will be rejected.
  • All emails should have proper message-id otherwise it will be rejected.
  • All emails should have From email id otherwise it will be rejected.
  • All emails should have To email address otherwise it will be rejected.

Your can submit your request for delisting from block list from here