For Internet Service Providers

We designed the most complex and advanced wireless networks for our clients, our wireless networks are deployed in more than 50 countries and serving more than a billion users.

ISP solutions:Internet service providers required the best in class solution to serve their clients in all weather conditions coper links cables and fibre cables are now become outdated technology and require huge investment and maintenance is costly.
Our solutions: is based on wireless and supports point to point and point to multipoint connectivity and supports more than 1 Gbps transfer rate.

Base Station Tower:Our system works from BTS and all the connectivity is given to the users on wireless link up-to a distance of 25 Kms with max 155 Mbps link speed for point to point and for point to multipoint up-to 15 Kms with 250 Mbps link speed.

System design:we use our custom designed operating system and hardware for our networks which supports all networking requirements like RADIUS, NAS, Bandwidth Management and invoicing / accounting.

Self-care portal:users can manage their account online and pay their bills online they can check their usage history and account downgrade and upgrade can be processed online.

High network availability:our system uses dual connectivity to our base stations on wireless link and optional fibre connectivity if user want to setup a backup link.

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